Saturday, June 15, 2013


Learn how I made this in just a few short minutes.

*Pool Noodle
*Wire Coat Hanger
* Head (mine was paper mache')
*Cheap Weed Control Fabric (Mine was  4'x50')
*Clear rocks from Dollar Tree
*Glue Gun and Glue
*Craft Glue
*Print out eyes Print these here

Start with your pool noodle.  Mine was already cut in half from a previous project.  You can use a whole noodle if you want longer arms.   Spray paint it a dark color to match your fabric.  I used green just because that is what I had laying around.

While it is drying prepare your coat hanger.  Since I am using a smaller piece of noodle I chose to use the hanger that has the cardboard tube on the bottom for hanging pants.  All I had to do was remove the cardboard and straighten the ends.  You want to keep the hook on top.  If you are using they whole noodle you will need a normal hanger. Use wire cutters to clip the middle of the bottom part and straighten each side.  Again, keep the top hook intact.

Cut a slit in the middle of the noodle and work wire through, leaving the hook sticking out.  If you are using the longer wire you might have to cut a large slit.  You can use duct tape to secure the noodle back together.  I chose to leave a small loop of wire out as well to act as a hanger.

Now straighten the hook and cover it with hot glue. Slide it into your paper mache' head. secure with hot glue as needed.

Spread out your fabric and cut a piece that will generously go past your noodle on both sides.

  Wrap fabric over the top of the head and wrap corners down to cover noodle.  Secure it with hot glue.  You will want to to use something other than your fingers to press down the fabric.  The glue will come right through and it burns.  (I speak from experience) If you left a loop of wire for hanging cut a slit in the fabric and poke that out.  Secure the fabric with hot glue.

  Now cut a piece of fabric the length that you want your reaper to be.  Lay him face down on the fabric and fold the corners back over the shoulders.  Secure with hot glue.
  Now use your fingers to tear the ends of the fabric and you are all set.

Use Craft Glue to glue a print out eye to the back of two rocks. Let the glue dry.
Use Hot Glue to glue eyes into place.

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