Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Outlining the basics

Eight months until next Halloween and I am well into the prep stages. Most of my friends think I am nuts to start so soon but to pull off the party, the haunted house, and the hay ride will be a big undertaking. .

I thought we were off to a good start with our 25 foot square carport being the Haunted house. The plan was to divide it into 6 rooms.  After mapping out the rooms with some tape it became obvious that it was just too small for everything I wanted to include.  Thankfully we have another slightly smaller carport right beside it.  Our new plan will be to connect the two which should give more than enough room.

Guests will go through both buildings and find the hayride ready at the exit.  They board that and go directly into to hayride.

This year's theme will be Halloween Classics.  The house will contain Halloween classics like ghosts, witches, and vampires.  The hayride will follow some of the great classic horror firm themes.

I did find a great site to help me organize all of my thoughts.
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