Sunday, June 16, 2013

Our 2013 Haunt

 The Horror Hotel

The Horror Hotel was built in
1901 by Fredrick Higgins.  He was originally
from California and relocated here to build his
dream hotel is the most remote location possible.

He was a very odd sort of fellow and insisted on
building the Inn upside down.  It consists of 13 floors
with level 13 being at ground level with the remaining
12 floors built underground.  It was said that he
opened his doors to all sorts of unsavory travelers. 
Many of his patrons were thought to be fictional
characters made up by Hollywood movie writers.  He
claimed that those movies were based on real events
and that those “monsters” frequented his hotel.  He also
claimed that his Hollywood friends would often visit the Inn and were inspired to write  even more movies based on the people they met and experiences they had while
visiting here. 

Eventually, some of his more famous patrons moved into the Inn permanently.  They preferred the underground privacy.  It is said that some of those patrons are still dwelling in the Inn today and we still catch Hollywood writers snooping about from time to time.

The Inn has fallen into disrepair since the sudden disappearance of Fredrick Higgins in 1946.  His
descendants were afraid of the ghosts that haunt the Inn and the rumors of what and who may be lurking in those underground hallways.

We do not believe the stories and have decided to open the Inn once again. We are excited to have you for our Grand Re-Opening!

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