Saturday, July 21, 2012

Latest Creation

This is the first step in my new rocking nanny prop.  This beauty will be rocking a baby in the nursery in our haunted house.  I started with a basic wig head. You can see where I hollowed out the cheeks, eyes, and mouth and inserted the eyes.  The eyes are made from a ping pong ball cut in half.  The pupil was printed off of the Internet and glued in place. 

From there I built up her facial features with tin foil taped into place.  She was covered in paper mache fashion using paper towels to create the wrinkles.  The hair was weave hair purchased off of ebay.  I glued this in place using the same paper mache glue mixture.

Next I will build her body with pvc and a motor to make her rock.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Haunted House day 1

The first building has been emptied out and the flagging tape has gone up to mark the walls.  Next week we will bring in the first load of pallets and begin construction.  I am very happy with the layout of the first room.  I want to get the inner walls put up before the outside walls so that we will have some breeze while we work in the 100 degree days.  Once we get it all dried in I can begin working on some of the larger props I want to build.