Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dollhouse Roof line

The haunted doll house is coming along slowly.  I have completed the siding on the first floor and part of the second floor.  I had to stop there to complete the roof line.  Here is a picture of the cardboard roof extensions.

The cardboard extensions give a more defined roof line, I think.  The roof extensions will get coated in paper mache and then the siding will be completed.  You might notice that the siding is a little sloppy around the windows.  I will clean those up with a knife when they are dry.  I also began to spread out the siding instead of overlapping each piece.  It gives more of the old house look.  I also spaced them each a little differently.

1 comment:

  1. Found your haunted house build while cruising Google Image. When the resident kids were younger we haunted a broken down dollhouse. Filled it with ghosts and headless Barbies or bodyless Barbies (Barbie tended to get tied to rockets and launched.)
    Will enjoy watching the process.