Saturday, August 24, 2013

5 ft posters

I love finding ways to make props out of free stuff.  This year my big problem with the carnival is filling up dead yard space.  So to fix that I went to my local furniture stores and asked for their boxes.  They were more than happy to let me have as much as I wanted.  These make great "canvases" for some large clown paintings.  Here is how I did it...

First, I went on line to look for some clown pictures I could use as inspiration.  There are a ton of royalty free graphics on the net.  I used my projector to project the picture onto the cardboard.  From there is was easy to trace the lines with a sharpie.

Once that is complete, I have the world's larges coloring book pages.  Its super easy to paint in the rest.  These are the two I have completed so far.

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