Sunday, September 9, 2012

Haunted House Day 3 - How its built

We are well past half way in building the walls for the first building of our haunted house.  I thought I would take  this opportunity to show how we are doing it.  We started by lining up the first row of pallets and screwing them to each other.  This gave us the basic building design.  Because the walls were all screwed together  they would T off of each other and this kept the walls upright.

Once we had the whole building set up the way we wanted it it was time to add the second row of pallets.  First we cut short pieces of wood and screwed those inside the existing pallets like this:

Next we set the second pallet on top with those pieces of wood fit inside of it also.  We then screwed those pieces into the top pallet.

Each top pallet was also screwed into the pallet on either side of it.  Since our walls were really long we also added some extra support beams across the top from wall to wall.

Here is a finished picture from the road.

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